Come Camp With Us!

Each of our camps is designed to engage Alaska’s youth in various stages of the agricultural process while also instilling strong values such as volunteerism, community service, and leadership. While each camp is different in scope, all camps focus on character development and sustainability.


Inclusive Summer Camps

DATES: June 24th-28th; July 15th-19th 2019

AGES: 8+

COST: $300 includes 5 days & 4 nights

Gateway to the Arctic Camp offers two five-day inclusive summer camps. Participants will have fun while learning about sustainability, farming processes, and stewardship of the earth.

The main focus of our camps is character development and sustainability. Campers will participate in watering the crops, feeding the chickens, gathering eggs from the chicken coop, and creating unique crafts from our birch trees. Participants will learn how to build a campfire, go on nature walks, and enjoy a number of other activities.

We have both overnight and day camp options. Overnight camps include breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, all activities, and overnight supervision.

Gateway to the Arctic Camp believes in giving everybody the opportunity to attend  a summer camp, no matter their socioeconomic status; therefore, we offer scholarships to qualifying participants. 

Inclusive Adventure Camp

DATES: July 30th-Aug 2nd 2019

AGES: 18+

COST: $260 includes 4 days & 3 nights

Adventure Camp is a four-day experiential learning inclusive camp. Participants will start their journey at our base camp, Gateway to the Arctic Camp. From there they will travel into the Alaskan backcountry for a three-day backpacking trip. They will spend time hiking through remote terrain and learning navigation methods, outdoors cooking, basic outdoor trekking and camp skills as well as how to survive in the wild.

This camp program is physically and mentally challenging. Participants must be able to hike 5-8 miles a day. You will not have access to running water or bathrooms. Your bathroom will be the great outdoors. There will not be access to electricity so be prepared to live off the grid. Our guides that will accompany our Adventure Camp participants are experienced outdoors guides; trained in first aid, risk management, and wilderness rescue.

 Participants will grow in their knowledge of survival by learning fundamental wilderness skills. Participants will be able to understand basic weather patterns, use effective communication and critical thinking to overcome obstacles, all while experiencing an unforgettable expedition. Participants will learn these skills both in expedition settings and outdoor classroom settings.

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Kids Camp - July 15-19

All kids 2-12th grade are welcome to attend the Kids Camp at the Gateway to the Arctic Camp

We will have loads of fun playing and working together. The kids will be enjoying our Alaskan summer and will be getting to know about God and the Bible.


Hope Volunteer Corps participants will be the counselors during a week jam-packed with games, hiking, and bonfires.  Since Gateway to the Arctic Camp is an agricultural camp, campers will also be learning about planting, growing and caring for all the crops and livestock on the land.

Sponsored by: Great Land Christian Church