Volunteer With Us!

There are many ways you can put your talents and skills to work up at the land!


We have logged more than 44,000 volunteer hours at Gateway to the Arctic Camp

We logged 224 volunteer hours during Harvest weekend at G2A. Thank you to all our volunteers ❤️ .
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Enjoying the fruits of the land

It takes a lot of work to keep a camp like this running — and we need your help! Your health and your community will all benefit from your service at Gateway to the Arctic Camp. We have many ways for you to put your volunteer time to great use.

  • Maintaining the green house

  • Planting, watering, weeding, and harvesting all the produce on the land. The crops on the land include: pumpkins, tomatoes, potatoes, squash, beans, raspberries, carrots, and lettuce, just to name a few! At Gateway to the Arctic Camp we donate most of our harvest to the local food bank

  • Trail maintenance

  • Building maintenance

  • Caring for our chickens and bees

  • General construction

  • During the spring months we focus on making birch syrup.

    Work alongside individuals with special abilities as we tap birch trees, collect birch sap, participate in the process of boiling down the sap to syrup, and bottle the finished product. Collecting birch sap is physically challenging work but it is also rewarding.


HOPE worldwide, Alaska chapter volunteers

The Alaska Chapter of HOPE worldwide is a regular supporter of Gateway to the Arctic Camp

HOPE Volunteer Corps

Every summer, groups from HOPE Worldwide come and serve at Gateway to the Arctic Camp.

HOPE Youth Corps (HYC) was established in 1994 by HOPE worldwide and is a faith-based, service-learning program originally designed for high school and college students. Working with HOPE worldwide programs all over the world, HYC and HOPE Volunteer Corps participants serve lower-income communities through various outreach efforts and community maintenance programs.

Join our community of volunteers!

If you are interested in learning more and becoming a G2Arctic volunteer, please contact us at